October 15, 2008

Wondering what to wear

Joe-Quinones.jpg My former Modern Humorist colleague Nick Nadel now writes a weekly column on the intersection of comics and film. In his most recent, he offers four pieces of advice for anyone attempting to jump start the Wonder Woman movie. Three of them are eminently sensible. Frankly, most comic book flicks should skip the origin story (only Batman Begins is at its best before, well, Batman begins).

But then Nick, who is apparently some kind of Communist, argues that Wonder Woman ought to wear a less skimpy outfit. Apparently he thinks there's something "embarrassing" about Diana's form-fitting undies and a breastplate that functions exclusively as "a cleavage-conveyance system."

I'm not about to sign on to his outlandish suggestion that Wonder Woman ought to wear pants, but Nick does link to some fan-produced costume redesigns that, I'll admit, are pretty awesome. I could definitely compromise on the long boots from the winning design. The fetishiness makes up for the less exposed skin.

That same costume design site has also explored revamped outfits for Superman, Iron Man and others. Including Vampirella, who, frankly, I didn't even realize wore clothes.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


also good dc universe reworks:


i like hawkgirl's better than ww's, though.

Anyone old enough to remember Jane Fonda in Barbarella? Now that, my friends, was a an "outfit."

Take a look:

Also, is it just me or does it look like the Wonder Women seen here is wearing bathroom slippers? I always pictured her in stilettos. (And perhaps a riding crop instead of a shield--just sayin')

I thought Michael Chabon made a nice pass at the disconnect between the superhero costume in fantasy vs. the superhero costume in fact earlier this year. He doesn't talk about superhero movies explicitly but it's all I could think of while reading the piece.


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