October 8, 2008

Blog fast

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Are you rediscovering your Jewish identity lately, Danny? This blog is starting to read like a Shalom Auslander piece, and I think you know exactly what I mean by that...

Marge Simpson is Jewish! Shalom!

Who serves pork chops and clams? (Either one would have made the point.)

Anon, I disagree. The food list is hilarious because at the same time that the foods individually are a sin (and therefore potentially a cause of his getting stricken), all the piling on and combining them (chocolate pudding, french fries...) would almost certainly also lead to indigestion, maintaining the delicious ambiguity as to whether this is a profound moment or merely a comic one.

My partner's aunt once served a baked ham for the high holidays.

He and I (me: former Catholic) seemed to be the only ones shocked by this.

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