October 5, 2008

In event of Rapture, this nun will still be around. Because she's Catholic.


What do you think of when you think slutty video game nuns with chainsaws? Probably that I needed an eye-catching image for an otherwise dull post that I nevertheless really hope you'll read.

Let me explain.

Next week I'm capping (more or less) my six-month Rapture Ready! publicity blitz with two New York City appearances that promise to be the be-all and end-all of just too many people in too many parts of our planet. Will you be one of them?

October 16: Free lecture and reception at St. Francis College in Brooklyn.

October 19: Special event at the 92nd Street Y. David Rakoff interviews A.J. Jacobs and Daniel Radosh on their experiences as strangers in a strange land.

In case you're wondering how the whole book thing has been going, I'm pleased to say that it's gotten rave reviews (with one really trivial exception), and enthusiastic blog response. And while it may seem to you that I post about the book at Radosh.net all the time, in fact, I've kept most RR! news sequestered here.

If you make it to one of the events, come say hi. It will improve your chances of winning the cartoon contest.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Just had the "Rapture Ready" discussion at my book club yesterday. Small turn-out for various reasons, but everyone enjoyed the book and it was a great discussion. Nice work, Daniel.

Thanks, Corey. I assume one of the various reasons is that you neglected to advertise using a picture of a slutty nun with a chainsaw. Rookie mistake.

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