September 26, 2008

Just like there's general agreement that Wolf Blitzer is the most insightful newsman of his generation or just another camera-ready hack

This clip is making the rounds because it features Jeff Toobin correctly chastising CNN and the media for gullibly repeating John McCain's false claim that he "suspended" his campaign. But what amuses me is Wolf Blitzer's bold intro: "Whether or not you agree with what Senator John McCain did and is doing, there is general agreement on this: it could help or hurt his presidential hopes."

Well, as long as we all agree.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Does anyone really believe McCain is being allowed to make decisions for himself?

CNN has a history of hedging their bets.

Some people say they have trouble expressing themselves. I don't know what they mean.

You're overlooking the subtext - Wolf is delivering a much-needed smackdown to all those pundits outrageously claiming that "What John McCain did will have absolutely no effect on his presidential hopes, ever." Get 'em, Wolf!

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