September 20, 2008

Finally someone's talking about the real issues

Maybe you saw this item about an Obama speech being interrupted by a group identifying themselves as Blacks Against Obama. So who are these folks? Economic conservatives who value lower taxes above racial identity? Social conservatives who object to Obama's pro-choice policies? Or wack-jobs whose primary objection seems to be that Obama was endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, who they believe is the demon Lilith, a manifestation of Satan?

You guessed it, didn't you?

Miami New Times has more. And here's an excerpt from the group's manifesto.

WOMEN TOOK OVER IN AMERICA When America gave women the right to vote. How? Because they out number men 40 to 1, women have the voting power in numbers, the majority. There are two hundred and sixty million people in America. Black LILITH has a thirty million person block vote. Other nations of people consist of two hundred million people but they are separated. Ex. There are five million Irish, seven million Germans, eight million Scots etc. They all vote against each other, then LILITH the evil woman takes her thirty million block vote and join on to the women of other nations of the two hundred million voters under so called women issues, out numbering men completely. When she is grown 6+6+6=18. She takes the power of 666 in Rev. 13:18 being the majority in America. She takes her numbers and vote her men in who will do her will, and make the laws in her favor. Ex. Deut.19: 15-20 says you must have two witnesses to bring charges against anybody but now look at America. One woman can say you said something sexually negative to her eight years ago and destroy you. Rom 1:25 says who changed GODS TRUTH into a LIE to worship the creature (LILITH) instead of GOD. But fret not for Dan. 7:9 says, “I beheld till the thrones were cast down (LILITH’s MEN that she put in power through her majority mob rule votes).”

This totally gonna help rally the PUMA vote.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


40 to 1 and I still couldn't get a date to the prom? Yes, Lord, women ARE evil!! Hallelujah!!!

Yeah, where'd that 40 to 1 thing come from? Maybe they should've focus-grouped this missive, because that was the part where I, and I would bet many others, stopped dead and said, "Wait... whut?"

In full disclosure I should mention that for 12 years I owned a cat whom we had named Lilith, and who was the most unique - and yes, I use that term advisedly - cat I have ever known, to date.

The colorful graphic show that members of these groups are having a ball; To be accepted by fellow travelers must be warm joy. If McCain wins and then declines, Todd Palin, Sarah Palin's closest influence, will have the ear of the President of the United States! Alaska will finally have a chance to rejoin Mother Russia!

Black Allah is my second favorite Allah.

*face palm

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