September 15, 2008

The most depressing political ad you'll see all day

So that's what Kaus means by "a total loser strategy."

[Via Salon]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


If only he had tweezed first it might have worked.

I think that critique misses something, which is that we have never had a president make it to the Oval Office on a platform of just brazen, outright lying that the media understood to be so. Clinton didn't, Nixon didn't. Nobody does this. You can't be president if you implicitly promise to lie to the country for four years -- at least that's how it's worked up to now.

Also, you forgot the first rule of political blogging: Mickey Kaus, always and everywhere, can go fuck himself.

Don't blame me, I voted for Mannix.

Clem, you are obviously not aware of all Internet traditions: that should be "Mickey Kaus, alleged blower of goats, always and everywhere, can go fuck himself.

TCM: I have my share of problems with Kaus, but the people pushing the goat blowing meme did kind of end up with, um, egg on their faces.

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