September 11, 2008

OMG! Sarah Palin gets her vivaciousness by sucking the remaining life out of John McCain!

AMERICAblog posted this video of John McCain attempting to dodge questions about Sarah Palin from a local newscaster. It is, as Steve Benen notes at CBSnews.com, "embarrassingly incoherent." But set aside for a moment that McCain's answers are a mess of poorly delivered lies, evasions and half truths. Instead, just watch for the horror of how creepy John McCain has become. Pay special attention to the way he sucks in saliva at the beginning of every sentence.

For comparison, here's McCain four and a half years ago on the Daily Show. What happened to that guy? Is it just because he's younger, or is it that he's saying stuff he actually believes?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


McCain was squirming in a way that made you wonder just how badly he is losing it. At 72, he is not capable of handling a local newscaster -- and incapable of giving a truthful, believable explanation of why he picked Palin.

Meanwhile, Palin on ABC was downright SCARY. She doesn't even know what the Bush Doctrine is, thinks "not blinking" is the definition of leadership (or perhaps "decidership")... even, apparently, if it means committing the country to war.

I would prefer a (Vice) President who at least knows how to use diplomacy, consult with allies, or simply count to 10 before starting "God's" next war.


For comparison, here's McCain four and a half years ago on the Daily Show.

Listen buddy, I spent four and a half years without a Daily Show. I didn't have a Larry King. I didn't even have a TV. I didn't even have a T. I didn't even have the end of a

Whoops. Me ^

McCain's obviously been coached to downplay his anger management problem, and so we have the ubiquitous phony smile and caculatingly gentle tone of voice peppered with the occasional girlish giggle. Politicians are not trained actors and so cannot personalize these superimposed modifications in an organic way. They can at best indicate an attitude, or worse, try to mimic the image consultant. The result is, as you've noticed, creepy. Republicans really are the party of mind control puppets it seems.

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