September 9, 2008

Now if only we can get another 20,000 people hooked

pn106435.f3.gif Blogger Tenacious V writes about her Ambien blackouts:

Anyway, a couple days ago I checked my e-mail at work and discovered two books had been ordered from my Amazon.com account. They were books I wanted, but I wasn't willing to dole out for the hardback versions. I didn't remember placing any order. But the time stamp on the e-mail said the night before at 1:14. Several hours after I "fell asleep" courtesy of my little chemical music box. My husband wasn't home, and unless we have some hacker who courteously buys, with my own credit card, books I want but am too tightwad to purchase, and is careful to spend just enough to earn the Super Saver Shipping, I am pretty sure my friend Ambien bought them after I asked her over to play her pretty music and make me go to sleep.

I'm not particularly sorry over it. The books were both enjoyable, especially "Rapture Ready!" by Daniel Radosh.

Ka-ching! I knew my long-shot sales strategy would pay off.

By the way, the other book? Mein Kampf.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Interesting that the NYT has now censored the film title Young People Fucking... but the URL for the censored article reads:


Dude, what is it with you and Young People Fucking? You need to take a week off from any news about the Palin family.

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