September 5, 2008

Yes, but does she slather it on like a trollop?

ďThatís an Alaska woman for you. She can pee in the woods, then put on lipstick and go out to dinner.ĒAdele Morgan, friend of Sarah Palin.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"She was just at a baby shower, singing to Ms. Palinís son, Trig, who has Down syndrome."

"Trig, who has Down syndrome" - does this become one of those mandatory lines like "We honor John McCain's service to America..."?

Why not "Trig, who has Down syndrome and wasn't aborted the way some liberal feminist would do..."

I hate the MSM.

See, this is just like them. But now if reporters start inquiring into the question of Does Sarah Palin Pee in the Woods, it'll be all, "you've gone too far, leave Sarah Palin ALOOOOONNNNNE!!!"

Palin said: "Hold me accountable," when the Troopergate investigation began.

Now she's taking another page from Karl Rove, stalling, stonewalling, and trying to derail the investigation into HER ABUSE OF POWER.

Talk about MORE OF THE SAME.

Is Sarah Palin lying? You ask.

I don't know... are her lips moving?

Pee in the woods? Yellow journalism!

It struck me today that Sarah Palin is actually the next generation of "Swift-Boat" advertising -- the Manchurian Candidate version. More at my own blog.

She can pee in the woods, then put on lipstick and go out to dinner.

Really? Sounds like an uncouth glamour-puss whose children would stave if not for Bennigan's.

And besides, Joe Biden can do all that backward and in heels.

"Thatís an Alaska woman for you" Really? Seems to me most women can do that, and at least 10% of men. Or does Ma Kettle think most women would be too exhausted by the effort of pissing in the woods to be able to emotionally handle the rigors of cosmetics and the Olive Garden? And what of WASP women who don't wear lipstick? Oh, right, elitists.

Also kudos to the Times for their coverage of near-random people watching self-serving lies, I smell Pulitzer!

I do not believe she can pee in the woods. I think the boast of wood pissing is just that a boast. Unless there is a video on CNN of Pallin taking a piss in the woods, I am thinking this report is inaccurate.

The bar has been lowered so far that successful micturation is now a credential for world leadership. David Rockefeller and his undead cronies are guffawing at the CFR urinals while squeezing out a few drops through their potato-sized prostates.

^above comment is mine. I always take credit when mocking trillionaire radical extremists.

"Swift-Boat Sarah" is being hidden away so she can rehearse her carefully scripted lines of attack.

That is all.

Her candidacy is the next level of Rovian propaganda:

2000: Despicable anonymous smears against John McCain
2004: Outrageous lies by 527 groups against John Kerry
2008: "Swift-Boat Sarah" -- programmed to deliver despicable smears and outrageous lies against Obama-Biden

America is sick of this cynicism -- and must reject it!

Meanwhile we must take Palin at her word and "hold her accountable" for the political vendettas and abuses of power for which she is already being investigated in Alaska.

Palin is not on the ticket to win the election for McCain. They'll steal the presidential election, just as they stole the last two. Palin is part of the post-election narrative that goes, "it must have been those 18 million Hillary voters that turned the tide for McCain/Palin."

Mark my words: when you wake up on post-election day to the unbelievable news that McCain has "won," the Hillary-vote-switcher theme will be the corporate media's big story.

I hope I'm wrong!

Arthur, your narrative is more than a week old. Palin is bringing in the religious right (sorry, the "values voters"), not the PUMAs.

You can all go to hell. Alaskans do pee outdoors, and we women do it too. We aren't uptight like the rest of America. In fact, I'm surprised at what a warm welcome Palin has received from regular Americans. They seem to like her. Anyhow, all of you are _not_funny_ and trying really hard to be, which is about the only mode most of you appear to be able to think in. You are all really pitiful at being funny and don't know the first thing about it. I hope you all have heart attacks before you vote.

Amanda, if pissing outdoors was a legit qualification for being president, I'd be FDR. And my friend Dan would be Richard Nixon, cause he always gets caught by the cops when he does it.

Amanda: You're an awful person and those who appear to be your friends and family despise you. Moreover, far from being Alaskan you were born in Ho-ho-kus, New Jersey, and graduated from the Hill School in Pennsylvania before matriculating at Union College in New York. After a brief career as David Rockefeller's "tug girl" you went to work for an abortionist in San Francisco named Marvin Lee, who is known in Chinese as Lee Marvin. 1999 found you selling a folk-rock album to Island records for a reported 750,000 dollar advance. While popular it was a critical failure. You continue to write and perform roots-tinged soul music at your local Starbucks while absent-mindedly dreaming of life in Alaska, a state you only heard about last week from the menu at the swank French restaurant your husband took you to to discuss divorce (he didn't have the heart). You will die with the rest of us, but considerably more unloved, on December 20, 2012 in accordance with the Mayan scriptures.

Gandhi not only peed outside a lot, but drank an 8 oz. tumbler of his own urine every single morning for health reasons. Of course he was only a community organizer, and did possess one of those things men have that is so handy at picnics, so I don't know, whatever.

>>and did possess one of those things men have that is so handy at picnics

A portable grill?

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