September 5, 2008

Is that a pig on your head or are you just happy to see me?

loriberknerpenis.jpg Faithful readers may remember my (now dimmed) fascination with Laurie Berkner, Noggin's toddler-pop superstar. Today, Gina forwarded me this profile of Berkner from New York Parents magazine that features the most unfortunate photograph of any woman ever to appear in any publication.

Now I understand why four-year-old boys relate to her so well.

Close up after the jump, because when you can see clearly what's going on it's even worse.


*Shudder* Anyone want to start a collection to buy New York Parents a copy of Photoshop?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


She's baaaack. But geez, leave her alone, already. Her own husband quit her band. You know she never did much for me. I only let Eli watch the Latina woman on Disney's "Choo Choo Soul." Oy vey. http://atv.disney.go.com/playhouse/choochoosoul/index_noIntro.html

Man, who was in charge of approving this image? The McCain vetting team?

Okay: My initial reaction was, big deal, thinking you were referring to the guitar neck. Then I noticed the bulgy portion of the guitar body; still, so what?

Only now do I see the finger. Pretty unfortunate.
But "most unfortunate"? "In any publication"? I think not.

Abe: You're right. I left out "in any future media known or unknown."

But she IS still stacked.

Anyone want to start a collection to buy New York Parents a copy of Photoshop?

I see what you mean. I took the liberty of cracking out the Photoshop and fixing it so it's less disturbing.

I don't have any children, and don't know many children, but even if I did, I don't think it would matter to me if he/she what's-his-or-her-name had an incredibly small pee-pee as long as he/she played that purple guitar real pretty.

Just saying.

LMAO @ Vance.

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