September 2, 2008

Would I lie to you?

Evangelical pollster George Barna finds that evangelicals are the most totally moral people in America.

Among his findings: when asked if they've engaged in a list of immoral behaviors in the previous week, only 1 percent of evangelicals reported that they had lied! Nope, I can't see any problem with that statistic.

Another behavior on the list: premarital sex. Oops. That's suddenly off-message. As of yesterday, the evangelical line is that premarital sex makes you an average American who people can relate to. As long as you eventually get married and don't abort the baby, it's not a moral problem at all.

Naturally, atheists and liberals report having premarital sex far more often than traditional Christians. What good Christian girl is going to admit that to a pollster? Or, you know, a vice-presidential vetting team.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Remember, Governor Palin's children are off limits!!! But don't get Rush Limbaugh started about Jamie Lynn Spears' parents -- boy he ripped into them when their little angel got pregnant.

Evangelicals always swear they won't cum in your mouth and they always do, and then ask for forgiveness. Sillies.

Note that Sarah Palin's own premarital sex is pretty much there in the public record in the dates of her marriage and first child's birth. Fortunately, her daughter's predictable response to abstinence-only education is stealing the spotlight from it.

Christians aren't perfect...just forgiven.

And liars.

I wish I could find the cartoon, that maybe was linked from here, from 2004 of Kerry saying "I was an altar boy" (and looking pompous) and Bush saying "I was forgiven" (and looking pious and with a halo) which demonstrates precisely therblig's point. Sinning doesn't matter, Christianity, and similar religions, are a surrender to sin, having the/a Lord in your heart matters. This won't displease the base she has pleased, but it does show moderates and independents how sloppy Quick Draw McGraw is.

I just think it's so admirable that Sarah Palin chose to carry her Down Syndrome child to term so she could pay somebody else to raise it while she pursues her high-profile career and her husband works his two jobs. Defines Christian selflessness, or is it schizophrenia?

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