September 2, 2008

Bronze medal for cluelessness

Last week, The New Yorker published its second of two Olympic dispatches by film critic Anthony Lane. Sending a writer outside his comfort zone is one of those thrilling risks that magazines sometimes indulge in, like John McCain selecting a running-mate. The writer's lack of expertise becomes part of the fun, as Lane gleefully confesses to knowing almost nothing about fencing, the shot put, handball, archery, and so on.

But then comes this moment:

The other mystery weapon in Lyon’s quiver was Phil Towle, a performance coach back in the States, whose online messages had been an inspiration. “He’s also been a psychologist for Metallica,” Ryan said, as if to justify the gentleman. I had to steady myself against a passing volunteer. Metallica has a psychologist? What, exactly, is it repressing in its sylvan melodies?

Now, I don't expect Lane to be a huge Metallica fan, but Some Kind of Monster, the film about Towle's work with the band, was one of the most crtically acclaimed documentaries of 2004. I'll bet even passersby in Beijing could have told him that.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Seriously? Seriously?! because he's a FILM REVIEWER.

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