August 31, 2008

The skeleton had a boner!

I want to correct my earlier post - apparently McCain's VP pick was a different Palin.

How different? Well, in a way that seems pretty significant to John McCain himself, if this selection of clips from Jed is any indicator. Fave moments are :29 when you can see his lips quivering and almost hear him thinking "oh, mama!", :20 when he snaps out of his reverie as though suddenly remembering where he is, and the constant fiddling with... hmmmmm.... his wedding ring.

Posted by Vance


Great video. The struggle to keep his wedding ring on and not jump her bones is the best. I called John about his VP pick. see results here.

He's obviously thinking about how much he'd like to drill in ANWR.

ANWR: Another Nasty White Republican

Johnny B -- good job on the blog and daily show clip!


Got to admit her modified Amy Winehouse 'do is fetching.

(You knew he'd pick a trollopy cunt.)

Y'know, this whole story just gets wackier and wackier. I'm afraid even my own snark can't keep up with the real-life adventures of these folks.

New photo evidence supports my contention in the title above.

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