August 27, 2008

Protest Babes Worship Sun...and UFOs!

Last Saturday was National Go Topless Protest Day! I mention this in case you don't keep abreast of such matters. Gothamist, which doesn't always stay on top of toplessness itself, covered the Central Park demonstration with photographs that are NSFW even though they are just as revealing as that SFW steroid shot in the preceding post. The world can be unjust that way.

Gothamist identified the founder of GoTopless.org as Raël, but it took a while for commenters to realize that the founder was that Raël—you know, the leader of Raëlism. Not to be confused with Realism, Raëlism is a sexy little "UFO religion" that has also gotten attention by associating with Hugh Hefner and Playboy and claiming to have created a human clone. Remember that?

If you're not afraid of brainwashing, check out this trailer for National GoTopless Day (slightly NSFW)...

...and check out the Venice Beach demonstration (NSFW).

Posted by David F


forget NSFW. what about SPF?

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