August 25, 2008

Oh really?

According to Maureen Dowd, the biggest problem with John McCain's favorite song of all time being Abba's "Dancing Queen" is that he gets the dates wrong.

Is that really the biggest problem here? Oh really? You be the judge!

Posted by simsburybear


Now I have the image of John McCain reading that from his teleprompter at his acceptance speech next week.

If he adds the sway, I might just consider voting for him.

So, as per the following post, his answer even to why his taste in music is so shitty is that he was a POW? Wow.

And we're expected to believe that the hard-drinking, hard-swearing, hard-womanizing JSM3 of the 70s liked this song without doing lots of blow?

I have never been forced to read the lyric to this before. It is vapid, like some makeup-plastered trollop. No one wonder McCain likes it, that cunt.

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