August 24, 2008

A-Rod and Jeter. we've all suspected. But the entire team?

More media self-censorship that's both totally ridiculous and completely unnecssary, this time from the New York Times' review of "Z Rock." Unless the writer was trying to fill some minimum word-count, is there any point to including the second sentence here?

So one thing to note about “Z Rock” is that it’s bringing a premium-cable level of nudity and profanity to a basic-cable series. (Of course, many of the unedited movies on IFC’s schedule are much rougher.) This is a show in which a character sets the mood for an episode not by saying, "The Yankees lost again last night," but by saying, more or less, "The Yankees engaged in a sex act illegal in many states until 2003 last night."

[Citation added for those of you who aren't Supreme Court groupies. Without watching the show, there's no way of determining whether the actual quote is "The Yankees sucked dick last night" or "The Yankees got fucked in the ass last night," though either one would adequately describe some of their recent games.]

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TheYankees engaged in a unlimited donations to political parties, known as soft money,

McConnell v. The Federal Election Commission,12/10/03
(Campaign Finance Law Decision, 5-4 Ruling)

I know this might seem out of left field, but could the missing expression be "hit"? Just the other day I posted here about AFP writing "S(expletive..)" instead of "Shit." And we are talking about ball players here. It all fits, right? I had no idea hitting was an illegal sex act until 2003, but of course the Times is much better staying on top of that sort of thing than I am. I can't even get that haiku thing right!

I love sexpletives.

I will post a comment right after I go wee-wee.

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