August 23, 2008

Democrat Haikus

The Denver Post hosts a contest called Haikus of the Week. Each week has a new contest theme, and this week’s theme is, of course, Democrats.

“The haiku form is a 5-syllable line, followed by a 7-syllable line, followed by a 5-syllable line” (see Denver Post instructions). If you wish, post your best/worst Democrat-themed haiku here at Radosh.net. Here’s mine:

Democrats convene
In Denver, Colorado.
Talk amongst yourselves.


Posted by Deborah


Two presidents since Nixon
Have been Democrats.
Who could have predicted that?

Not just a ticket of love
President, VP

Crowd worships Barack

Slowly, Hillary’s teeth grind

Hill’s friends sit it out

In Denver this week
I, cynical journalist,
Shall be among twits.

Bonus Haiku for David F.:

It's five-seven-five
Seven-five-seven is wrong --
An anti-haiku?

Obama smiles
And Bush's memory fades.
Samo C.F.R.

Can Democrats win
if I can't even write a
haiku correctly? Hm.

"Barack not ready"
Biden said in primaries
V P changed his mind

The ticket is set.
Could we ask for any more?
Still time to draft Gore.

Obama, Biden
You have got to be kidding
Serenity now

Barack Obama
will be our next president
number 44

The radio's on
My daughter hears, smiles and
repeats: Oh-BA-ma!

mist over a pond
like vague, vaporous slogans
from a neophyte

tonight, dems agree
kennedy with half a brain
smarter than mccain

How do those people
Sit through SO much pompousness

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