August 23, 2008

Introducing Joe....

A clean and articulate guy - but with a slight Indian accent...

Posted by simsburybear


And I was worried he didn't have what it takes to be the next Dick Cheney*.

*Official Gag, 2008 Presidential Campaign


. enthusiastically supported ATF and FBI actions at Waco, i.e., barbecuing children to protect them. But Janet Reno cried about it so it's cool.

. thinks the war on drugs is working. Supports putting concert promoters in prison if audience members get high.

. Biden's biggest campaign contributor has been MBNA credit card company. Biden supported 2005 changes to bankruptcy law, making it more difficult to file. Biden's son Hunter was hired by MBNA out of law school and made an executive vice president, then left MBNA and continued to receive a $100,000/year consulting fee.

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