August 18, 2008

I Blame Myself


Just Like Sarah Miller I , too blame myself for the whole John Edwards/Rielle Hunter love child scandal. I also have an extremely tenuous, flimsy and almost unbelievable connection to Rielle Hunter - my brother's best friend's cousin once saw her in a bar in New York. Get It * a bar in New York* , as in * she met Edwards in a bar in New York* - could that be any spookier?

And just like Sarah Miller , I, too am desperate for material during these dog days of summer and I will milk this connection and blog endlessly about the scandal while speculating wildly on Rielle Hunter's crazy-assness.

Bonus crazy-ass Rielle video below (dancing Rielle courtesy of 23/6.com)

Posted by simsburybear


I'm not sure what her reasoning is, since I couldn't get past this line: "I, like every other New Yorker who valued their life, moved to Los Angeles in October 2001."

And I barely made it to that, since it came right after "Let me explain."

It's scary that potential leaders of the free world have such bad judgement with women. The Monica and Bill story was of a typical love struck girl's infatuation. But this Ms. Hunter seems 100% crazy. Edwards has to be moron to have let himself fall for her.

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