August 17, 2008

He's Got His Sight Set On You, And He's Ready To Aim

First, thanks to Daniel for handing over the keys to we inmates, and an obligatory plug for where I regularly blog.

Moving to more substantive matters, John McCain's been having problems with getting cease and desist letters from various musical artists, who demand he stop using their music, including John Mellencamp, Orleans, and ABBA. The article does note that Billy Ray Cyrus apparently was among the hipper musical artists to back Bush in 2004, but has apparently been silent this time. I'm just wondering where Miley stands on this critical issue, and whether Hannah Montana has a different stance. In fact, I think I've just written an episode of Hannah Montana! Miley objects to the use of Hannah's music in a commercial, but can't speak her mind because it would reveal her secret identity! Hilarity ensues, followed by a rousing performance from Hannah Montana. Please remit checks to me directly.

Posted by Matt


You got your answer right there: "Hilary ensues."

[from the article]

In fact, the Annenberg Public Policy Center found in March that "the endorsement of presidential primary candidates by notable groups and individuals carries little weight with the public." But famous musicians can help in other ways--namely by raising money. In 2004, Bruce Springsteen, who now supports Obama, raked in more than $10 million for John Kerry with an October swing-state tour, and this April a pro-Clinton Elton John concert vacuumed up $2.5 million in one night.

So, being backed (or not) by a celebrity carries no weight, but having them in your camp gets them fund raising for you. But you still lose. Excellent argument. Brilliant reporting.

But see economic study claiming that Oprah delivered 1 million votes to Obama.

Until I read the article, I thought that Ted Nugent's "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" would have been the perfect background song to McCain's discussing his greatest moral failure.

oh, well.

ABBA objected? Awesome

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