August 17, 2008


The question on CNN.com's "Quick Vote" poll today is: "Do you believe creatures like Bigfoot exist?" I, of course, answered no, but then was linked to an article proving me and 58 percent of other Quick Voters wrong.


I guess we'll all have to hold our breaths until they reveal more details.

For reals?

Posted by Harry


I can't believe CNN is reporting this credulously, with one mildly scoffing expert but none of the outright derision the report has provoked.

From FoxNews, reporting on the CNN press conference:

"It definitely looks like our costume," Jerry Parrino, owner of TheHorrorDome.com, told FOXNews.com.

"This 'body' has little to do with Bigfoot and everything to do with a Sasquatch costume that someone developed after watching too many gorilla movies," warned Loren Coleman, who runs the influential Cryptomundo blog devoted to strange and unknown animals. "The teeth that seem to have been placed in the mouth could be my late mother's false teeth."

Here's the costume.

And Here's a site loadly asserting that Biscardi is a serial hoaxer, although it should be noted they also use the phrase "legitimate Bigfoot researchers" to distinguish non-hoaxers.

I think CNN knows perfectly well this is ridiculous.

"loudly", even.

But is not sensible Fox reportage a more rare creature indeed? That alone is worth a thousand Nessies and, if my math is right, 137 Yetis. Or two metric dragons.

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