August 12, 2008

Who's that girl?

cheron.jpg Cheron, the Brazilian lady pictured here, recently uploaded her photo to a web site called Top Heavy Amateurs [NSFW, duh]. But she blurred her face so no one will recognize her. Playboy's Chip Rowe questions the efficacy of this measure.

Say, Lois, have you ever noticed how Cheron from Top Heavy Amateurs and Barb from marketing are never in the room at the same time?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I see a distressing dog-days trend here:

Bernie Mac gets only 3 comments; Isaac Hayes gets none; l'affaire Edward’s draws a scant 4 quips...and now Chester up there gets no response...nothing...not a one. (I know it was only posted a few hours ago, but it's the trend that concerns me!)

Daniel, I suggest you move quickly and turn this into an anti-cap contest (the NYer is dark this week, so the timing is good). Since we can't tell if she even has a mouth, (let alone whether she is talking) I think we might want to go with narrative caps instead of spoken words.

I’ll start:

Mildred’s dreams of playing the accordion where further complicated by what friends politely called a 'looks barrier.'

Right, like anyone has ever looked at her face anyway.

The Plaintiff seeks millions of dollars of damages from the surgeon, who should have performed a much needed face augmentation.

Ta Ma De

The glowers here are unseen.


My eyes are up here. Well, they were.

A staff member from the Department of Justice arrives to testify that politcal considerations had nothing to do with her being hired.

The nascent Brazilian microchip industry suffers a setback from the severe shortage of silicon.

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