August 8, 2008

And now, cried Max, let the wild rumpus start!

Edwards admits to affair, denies fathering child

Ten to one the Obama camp pressured him to dump this now: right before the Olympics and with enough time to wrap it up before the convention. But will it work? The denial about the kid sure is gonna generate calls for DNA tests.

All I know is, I'll miss the traffic from having been one of the only sites that popped up under a Google search for John Edwards affair. Also, Mickey Kaus just had a spontaneous orgasm.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Also breaking today, news of The Wall Street Journal's (or is it Rupert Murdoch's?) growing infatuation with Obama:


Am I the only one who is, like, who the fuck cares? An ex-senator, ex-presidential canidate pulled a Giuliani! It's not like he was a trolling for blow jobs in an airport men's room (not there's anything wrong with that.)

In order to prove fatherhood, the mother, the child, and the prospective father must all give DNA samples. The mother has refused on her own behalf and her son's, pointing out, rightly, that she and her son are private individuals and she has no duty to disclose.

Absent a court order (and Edwards himself is the only one who could obtain such an order), she's in the right. There is no intrinsic public 'right to know' that trumps her and her son's right to privacy.

MOney laundering by the PAC to pay for nookie? That's special.

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