July 29, 2008

At least the 1856 Sean Delonas knew how to draw

fremont-agrees.jpgFile under: Historical parallels. Groundbreaking 19th century presidential candidate was tarred as a secret Catholic — and dangerously liberal.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Fourierism? Was 19th century America in danger of decomposing into sine waves?

I'm all for Snappery and Cracklery, but I draw the line at Popery.

Free Love? Women's Rights? Fourierism? Racial equality? Man, Pius IX was the best Pope ever!

That's a misspelling in the voice ballooon. He was trying to warn against Fournierism.

I like a nice bayberry Popery.
I don't get the kind with principles though... They never seem to last.

Thanks for the link. Little did I know how much I resemble the public perception of John C. Fremont, "painted as a liberal, anti-slavery, Papist loony who loved Negroes, perverts and immigrants." Except for the Papist part.

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