July 18, 2008

Oh shit! It's Jesus!

ashley-harkleroad-cover.jpg Tennis babe Ashley Harkleroad slips out of her little skirt for the new Playboy and reveals... an abiding love for her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Forget "spot the bunny," this must be the first appearance of an Ichthys tattoo in a Playboy pictorial.

In the word-things that accompany the pictures, Ashley says she got the tat when she was younger, but stands by it. "I still believe in God, but God made female athletes beautiful and sexy, and I want to represent that." Amen, sister. I'm sure all the boys who have seen this tattoo immediately fell to their knees in prayer.


Full NSFW picture is after the jump for proof that it's her, and because my traffic from people searching for "Ashley Harkleroad nude" is about to go through the roof and I can't disappoint random Internet perverts.


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Posted by Daniel Radosh


I'd sure like to tattoo an ancient representation of Christ on her stomach.

Real fish.

Well, there's usually a fish on the sign above the bait shop.

As a good friend of mine used to say: "If it smells like cologne leave it alone, if it smells like fish, eat all you wish!"

Actually, the Ichthys is a symbol for the God Ichthus and it predates Jesus considerably. It represents both a fish and a vagina. I laugh when people put the word "Jesus" on the Ichthys because they're effectively inserting Jesus into vaginas everywhere!

Couldn't that just as well be an unfinished rendition of a Pepperidge Farm Cheese Flavored Goldfish Snack? God only knows, so that's the first thing I'll ask Him on Judgement Day.

lordy.. those are some tiny titties lol

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