July 18, 2008

The music biz too shall be made right

Derek Webb, who, at the risk of being ridiculously reductionist, is sort of the Billy Bragg of Christian rock, has a new album out. To distribute it, he's created a web site, NoiseTrade, where artists can give away their music. Currently there are about 40 albums on there, all available for whatever you want to pay, or free if you recommend the album to three friends.

The emphasis is on Paste-friendly indie folk rock. Here's Webb's widget, if you want to sample some tracks. Check out particularly A Savior on Capitol Hill.

Here's Webb from a previous album on the Christian pop culture phenomenon. "Don't want the song, I want a jingle/ I love you Lord, but don't hear a single."

[Via Homebrewed Christianity]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Billy Bragg, however, always draws the line at not getting paid.

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