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July 15, 2008

Cognitive dissonance alert

"I won't bluster and I won't make idle threats. But understand this, when I am commander in chief, there will be nowhere the terrorists can run and nowhere they can hide." —John McCain

Unlike other bloggers, I won't pander and I won't post gratuitous wet t-shirt photos of teenage celebrities. But understand this, after the jump, there's a picture of Miley Cyrus in the shower.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


You know what's scary? As soon as I saw that photo, my FIRST thought was, "Oh yeah, for once you can really see her resemblance to Billy Ray Cyrus in that photo."

Miley is every bit as attractive as she is talented.

Read that any way you like.

"I won't adhere to Disney's puritanical morality and I won't pose for photos that make me look like a complete idiot. But understand this, when I am a red hot teen super-star, there will be no shower I take without a tee-shirt and plenty of places I can hide my nipples."

(Note to Steve D.: MY GOD! You are so right! This is so going to disrupt my spank-bank.)

It helps if you imagine she's in a women's prison shower.

Those goddam papparazzi have no sense of decorum whatsoever. What's her dad gonna say when he sees this?

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