July 14, 2008

By the way, whatever happened to FuckedCompany.com?

Hey anti-captioners, what do you think of this idea? If you can figure out how it works, crank the cartoon appropriately. Otherwise just use the old school text comments, even though this will result in less buy-in.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I don't like it. My bowser crashed when I clicked the "Crank" button. And it's way cooler to have the Daniel Radosh select my caption as the winner.
Fuck the fancy web. "Old school" is the new "new school."

The spatial relevance here is obscene.

Funny you mentioned that-- the site was non-namechecked in the New York Times last week: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/08/business/08implode.html

See it, or rather, not?

What is PhotoCrank thinking ? Most people don't think anything when they see a cartoon image. They go straight to the caption to get their "answer"; it saves them the effort of thinking...I ought to know !"

If it could superimpose each caption as a caption and not as a dialogue balloon then maybe. But I think all the clicking would get old fast.

before cranking the caption, shouldn't you crank the cartoon to make sure it's caption-worthy?

but before cranking the cartoons, shouldn't you crank the crankers to make sure they're cartoon-crank-worthy?


what would zeno do?

Too clicky and flashy. Overdesign.

uh, Daniel, if I could read that much I'd have my own damn blog!

Ok, so looking back at that blog post I *might* have been a little long-winded, I'll admit that.

However, I still think that adding PhotoCrank to these caption contests would be a lot of fun for everyone who reads this blog.

It won't be for everyone, but it would provide a fun way for people to add their captions...and fun for people to view them.

You'd be surprised at how entertaining some of them would be. :)

Either way, I appreciate the feedback and the thoughts on what we're doing with PhotoCrank. Thanks for your thoughts!

Ryan Hupfer
PhotoCrank Community Evangelist

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