July 10, 2008

Christian book title of the year

Hmm, I wonder why it's self-published.

Bored readers are hereby invited to propose similarly awesome titles for other religious books.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Cum All Ye Faithful
A Contemporary Christian's Guide to Adult Entertainment

5,000 Fawns: An Illustrated Guide to the Greatest 2,500 Christian Racks Through History

Sure, I'm bored (and, given today's topic, anonymous):

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph & Ted & Alice: Christians and the Sexual Revolution

Mary, Mary, Full of Tom: A Radical Rethinking of the "Immaculate" Conception

Apocalypse Cow!
(Sandra Boynton's little-known end-days children's book)

Learning Patience: A Job Hunter's Guide

The Cain Mutiny

Six Six Six Sigma: How to Perfect Your Sins

Jesus For Dummies. Does this book already exist?

It's called the Bible.

Sorry, it was too easy.

Good one. It actually does exist. And it's on sale:


Jonathan Livingston Shit-for-Brains

I'm OK, You're So Gay

[Damned secular upbringing]

I Loved Her Whole Sweet Ass, But My Favorite Was The Left Behind.

Oh Jesus! It's Shit! How to Remove that Brown Stain from Your Soul

This posting made a LOT more sense once I turned Adblock off.

"Beyond the Missionary Position - Practical Ways to Reach Non-believers"

"Pimpin' Mary Magdalene - How to Love Jesus by Loving Hookers"

Are You There, God? It's Me, Motherfucker

The Unbridled Passion of the Christ

The Gospels According to Matthew, Mark, Luke and Andrew Dice Clay

The Joy of No Sex

Follow Unto Christ's Kingdom

The Pope Who Dropped the Soap

Holy Watersports

The Five People I Want to Fuck in Heaven

Web Design for Worship: On the internet, no one knows you're God

How about:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nuns

The Vegan Guide to the Transubstantiation

It Can't Be Gay if My Priest Says It's OK

His Ass Holy-ness
Bloopers, blunders, pratfalls and pedophiles, an inside look at the papacy.

I think "The Israeli-Palestine Conflict for Dummies" would probably contain an incredibly high quotient of offensive statements. There are other possibilities, like "Affirmative Action for Dummies" or "The Immigration Debate for Dummies."

Jesus Christ Working Actor

an oldie but a goodie:

The Joy of Sects

"an oldie but a goodie:

The Joy of Sects"

That's actually a book.

uh, I meant "Sects and the Single Girl".

A Girl's Preparation for Virginity's Loss: Rupture Ready

101 Places to See After You Die

(I know, not particularly irreverent, but I just thought of it)

Original Sin: The Teletubbies Edition

"P" Is for Plague

Holy Shit! A guide to sacred scat

"Oh Christ! It's God!"

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph! It's a Three-Way."

"Holy Fuck! It's the Immaculate Conception!"

Dead and Resurrected Like Me

Jesus told me to kill my dog.

Heaven doesn't have a gay bar.

Pope Benedict - why rape is OK in heavily catholic Africa.

The FLDS and how to score with 13 year old chicks.

Scientology - it's not just for rich gay guys any more.

Islam and 10 steps to getting people to kill themselves for your own personal gain.

Buddhists - you just can't say anything bad about them.

Judaism - A networking handbook.

Hindus and Hindon'ts for Teens


Christ: What an Asshole

Steal This Book: Why God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Ranting Incoherently on the Sidewalk About the End Times: A Primer

Male, Hairy, Full of Beer

Prinpoplogy : A Modern Guide To Worshipping Perceptions of Religious Imagery in Natural Phenomena

Conception: Not Always Immaculate, But Hey, It's All Good Don't Hate

OMG, I Am Heartily Sorry

Palm Sunday: The One Day of the Week When It's Okay to Masturbate

Jesus Is Toast: A Guide to Selling Relics on Ebay

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