July 9, 2008

Behold, I come quickly

Nearly three years ago on this site, I introduced Rapture Ready! with a panel from a 1970s comic book showing pert Christian chicks being lifted into the air to meet Jesus. I've finally stumbled on the source of that image, a Spire comic based on the crackpot eschatology of Hal Lindsey. And there's this even better panel that really makes me wonder if the artists and writers weren't having a bit of a laugh.


This Flickr set has more highlights from Spire Christian comics, and you can download complete issues here, including the Lindsey title (#9) and one about Johnny Cash (#17). Sorry, the POW story is about Howard Rutledge, not anyone else.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


wasn't that the alternate title of Jenna Jameson's memoir?

Well, thank God that Jesus and everyone in heaven are/will be white (Jews on a technicality). I was getting worried.

I'm reminded of a quote from the movie "Heathers":

[praying] Jesus God in Heaven, why'd you have to kill such hot snatch?

Excerpt from "God's Smuggler":

Blond Jesus Freak: (waving hand) "These are not the bibles you're looking for"

Nazi Border Guard: "Zees are not zee bibles vee are looking for"

BJF: "He can go on about his business"

NBG: "He can go on about his business"

BJF: "Move along"

NBG: "Moof along"

I'm reminded of a bit from George Carlin:

"You can't even say 'snatch' or 'pussy' unless it's a Walt Disney movie and say 'Let's snatch that pussy and put him in a box....'"

Is it my overactive imagination, or is the stoner dude in the blue shirt at the bottom of the frame tilting his head up, as if looking forward to heaven, while his eyes are actually focusing on the billowing skirt of the girl in red?

I think The Snatch is a more common metaphor than you think. The sample sermon used by Evolution Control Committee here, isn't about the Rapture, exactly, but it does seem to be about belief.

Thank you forever for this. "Hansi, the Girl Who Loved the Swastika" is at least as compelling as "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS."

Though I'm glad to know that God is female, I'm not sure I approve of people calling her "The Great Snatch".

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