July 8, 2008

Cleriwhat? Cleriwho?

Robin Abrahams has chosen the finalists for last week's Clerihew contest, complete with cryptic and gratuitous BSG reference.

And look, our very own commenter Therblig is in the running with this rhyme:

Tim Berners-Lee
Invented HTTP
Thus the World Wide Web was born
For Nigerian Diplomats and porn.

He's currently well ahead in the voting, but feel free to stuff the ballot box for him anyway. There's a copy of Best American Poetry 2007 at stake! I actually like the Thomas Edison Clerihew myself, but I'm loyal to my readers. Pus he said "porn."

And since I saw what some of you did to poor Kevin Shay when he originally posted about this, I'll just warn you that it's pronounced Ray-dosh, and no one calls me "Dan."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I have to admit that if I weren't in the running, I would have voted for the Ogden Nash-like Edison rhyme myself.

Of course, it's an honor just to be nominated...


A-hem, I am also in the running (with the William S. Burroughs verse)! And losing like crazy, I note. Oh well. I voted for Thomas Edison just to spite you.

Um, me too... (The Bentley one, second to last.)

Still, pretty good showing for the local side, 3 out of 5, and now I'm wondering about the other two.

Man, if only you guys had been as shameless as therblig, I could have promoted all of you.

Also, the very first time I spoke to Radosh, like ten years ago, I called him "Dan" and the scorn radiating over the phone line forced me to get tubes in my ears.

All about The Tribe of Dan:

Aunt Sis is a Cylon?!

Come to think of it, the Nigerian scam is an e-mail thing that has nothing to do with the web...

Poetic license on the 419's. http://home.rica.net/alphae/419coal/

what's the difference between e-mail and the web... isn't it all part of the same online internets?

Not much to work with here. RAY-dosh? What does that rhyme with... "Sprayed-wash?" Could work, if it weren't for the irreparably mangled tenses. "Made dosh?" Perfect if you're writing clerihews for fans of obsucre British slang. "Laid Josh?" Almost seems promising, except for:

If Danial Radosh
Laid Josh, Spayed Josh, and/or Slayed Josh,
What sane clerihewist tacks
On two more lines of pure anticlimax?

Sorry, man, there's nothing here. You might as well just change your name to "Daniel (pronounced DIE-a-mond) Orange Hungry Silver" and embrace your unclerihewed future.

So, you've forced me into desperate measures. Here, if you will, sir, is your anti-clerihew:

Danny Radosh
Delayed -- Gosh! --
His Jurassic Park tour. Said he,
"I'm not raptor-ready."

just got my e-mail from Miss Conduct. thanks to all who stuffed for me!!

Daniel Radosh
Make me say "Gosh,
Doesn't this guy have anything better to do
Than try to find the next Huckapoo?"

We really dig yer gig-
Gle inducing Clerihew.
Tim Berners-Lee and his HTTP were good to you!


Congrats, T! Your prize winner inspired my late entry about De Vere/Shakespeare, which at least got a minor mention in the shadow of your greatness.

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