July 7, 2008

Does that make me crazer?

Hi again. I've got a bunch of things stored up to talk about now that I'm back, but first let me thank guest bloggers Kevin and Harry for maintaining Radosh.net's high standards in my absence. They posted just about as often as I do!

Let's start with a couple of anti-caption issues. What does everyone think of Harry's inadvertent innovation of posting results as a separate entry? Looks like it generated some response. Should I do it that way from now on so you can all second guess me?

Also, Scott alerts me that there's a new New Yorker cartoonists blog and that our friend Farley Katz has an interesting post there this week. Farley is the cartoon assistant who filters the contest entries. A while ago he offered to answer some questions for us, but then never did, possibly because he's busy and possibly because our queries crossed the line from probing into obnoxious. In any case, he now introduces a concept he calls the Crazy Caption Award or "Crazer." You may know it as the anti-caption (which, btw, I regret not initially spelling without a hyphen. It looks so uncool). And not even a tip o' the hat to this site. At least the example he gives is a pretty good one. Contest #150 (guy shooting himself) was a particularly difficult one for us for some reason, and Farley's pick is arguably better than anything we came up with. I don't know if he plans to do this often, but just think of it as raising the bar for your own entries.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I believe he bailed on answering our questions because he was haunted by the faces of his victims.


i vote for having the results posted separately. Not Me and Ida Know are also on board.

I believe he bailed on answering our questions because he was haunted by the feces of his victims.


I vote No on Proposition Separate-Entries-for-Results. Just because.

According to Radosh, my/our achievement in #150 has been downgraded by some copycat "crazy" cartoon contest. What's up?

Let me explain (TM).

It's not the poop per se. I get enough poop jokes at home, trust me. It's the seeing the bullet holes as something other than bullet holes and then coming up with a plausible but not at all funny line for the woman to say about them. Also, the adept meaningless phrasing of the second sentence.

Updates: I like how the first post on the blog says "Wed also like to make this interactive, so weve got an e-mail address for your feedback." Um, comments, anyone?

Also, Farley says that the questions never reached his inbox (so much for e-mail!), and he's happy to answer them, so stay tuned.

the questions never reached his inbox

Can't he just answer them in the comments to your original post? And then you could repost it, in keeping with the new repost policy? Since e-mail is so difficult.

I vote "no" to posting results as a separate entry. That just complicates the experience...requires extra 'clicking'. There's already too much of that in modern society !

sorry to go off-topic, but this thread is higher up, so more folks may see it.

If anybody cares, my Tim Berners-Lee clerihew is currently leading the pack with 43%. I shamelessy invite/implore you to stuff the ballot box:




i have no shame.

Hey, you could've emailed me and I'd have plugged it with its own post. Still will, I guess.

You know all those on-the-low New Yorker queens are into scat -- fratboy scat.

you want poop captions?


Seriously, this "crazer" deal is a direct ripoff. Imitation is the sincerest form of plagiarism.

Separate entry: Yes!

I'm confused by Sam L -- isn't there less clicking required when the results are a separate entry, because you don't have to -- you know -- click to get last week's results?

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