July 7, 2008


Since the New Yorker isn't posting a new Caption Contest this week, I decided to show you one of my favorite least funny things on the Internet.

Bill Keane, author of the long lasting comic strip "Family Circus", decided to write a bio of himself.

Hopefully, all of the extremely unfunny humor will hold you over until the next Anti-Caption Contest is posted.

Posted by Harry


Wow. Dig the link the more detailed biography! Perhaps no one will ever click on it.

About as relevant and funny as an imagined Sid Ceasar comeback.

What truly galls me is the success he's achieved... Based upon a weak premise and perhaps two lines of dialogue at a time. Clearly (based on his bio) if he writes more than two, he gets into serious trouble.

Who's Bil Keane?

In the late '30s he changed his name from Bill to Bil. That's really interesting.

In case anyone's never seen these:


This one appears to an FC-anti-caption contest:


I clicked to the more detailed biography. I don't deserve to live.

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