July 7, 2008

New Yorker Anti-Caption Contest #152 Results

Considering I haven't done much guest blogging, I'll increase my total number of posts by reposting the cartoon with my results.



"I, Earth Jr., shall now avenge the horrid death your gas-guzzling ways inflicted upon my father." — Mike


"You were absolutely right, Midge. If you have to take the kids on a trip, do it on acid." —Joshua

"Gas prices are out of this world." — Richard H

"It's got us locked in a tractor beam, Captain. I'm trying auxillary power but it's not e--oh... wait a sec, my bad...the parking brake was on." —Mort Drucker

Honorable Mentions:

"OMG! We're going to roll over a car!" — Globie

"This GPS is extremely inaccurate." — Gary Goldsmith

"But if we're...and they're...and we're driving on...but where's...Luuuucy!!!" — TG Gibbon

"NEAT THING!" — chloe

Reference To This Video With Inexplicable Spelling of "Honey" Award

"Hunny, back off a bit. I think you're in the 'no-zone.'" — TMo

Boosting the Guest Judge's Ego Award

"The hours here are obscene -- all 24 of 'em." —Dave

Posted by Harry


I got an issue with the winner...

If his "father," Earth Sr. has been killed, what planet is the car driving on? Also, whatever happen to "Mother Earth?" And if the Earth did somehow sire a son, who is the mother? And wouldn't this caption work better if the vehicle was an SUV?

(Maybe I AM over thinking this but if anyone responds please resist the temptation to metion Uranus.


Well, it is supposed to be the worst possible caption. So, your issues seem to just reinforce my decision...

Where's mine?

Hey, Jess, I wasn't thinking about Uranus until you brought it up!

Crazer Caption: "That thing is so crazy I just crapped my pants. And I mean CRAPPED my pants."

Sweet. Will this new award be recurring?

I am vindicated! Finally, an Honorable Mention!

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