July 3, 2008

$5 a Gallon is the "Highway to Hell" Threshold

How high is the price of gas? It's so high, the local newsradio hacks are accompanying stories about it with... "Don't Fear the Reaper."

Meanwhile, the same media outlet and many others have been running with this story as some sort of illustration of the effects of rising oil prices.

Which, of course, makes no sense whatsoever—how is selling yourself for a $100 gas card any different from, or more newsworthy than, selling yourself for $100 and eventually using that cash to refuel your vehicle? Or, in fact, selling yourself for a $100 Starbucks card, then trading that to a yuppie for an American Express gift card, then using that to buy groceries, thereby freeing up $100 from your next paycheck for gas? The cost of fuel really has no bearing on the medium of exchange, or vice-versa.

Still, it's the hot button of the moment, so I expect radosh.net to be debunking the "middle-class teens sold into slavery for diesel" pandemic in the near future.

Posted by Kevin Shay


The gas card concept is a useful way to drive hooker behavior -- especially for johns who would rather support a large carbon footprint than a drug habit.

I see no problem, as long as it includes a lube job.

The word "gas" is funny.

I think some enterprising young news writer should work the term "stimulus package" into his copy.

Creating gasoline out of crude oil is a $20 Billion industry.

"and speaking of 'crude,' when we come back, we'll head to Kentucky for the story a john who 'passed gas' in exchange for a 'stimulus package' he was receiving at a local Days Inn. plus your weekend forecast."

did anyone notice that the working girl in question was "also charged with doing business without an occupational license"?

"excuse me, ma'am, do you have a license to be giving that hand job?"

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