June 30, 2008

Of Clerihews and Refuse

The Boston Globe's "Miss Conduct" (FOD Robin Abrahams) is running a Clerihew contest. Once you're done captioning it up down below, why not shoot a few stanzas their way?

Speaking of poetry, I enjoyed encountering this sign on the subway platform this morning. It's not entirely clear what action a given employee is supposed to take as a result of this warning (don't go into the Refuse Room at all? Don your flyproof gear?), but if I were an employee, I would appreciate the sign nonetheless.

More substantive guest-blogging TK.

Posted by Kevin Shay


Hey, thanks for the link love!

Kevin -- I took your advice and guest-blogging advice and clerihewed the following over at the boston globe:

Bill O'Reilly
Speaks very slyly
He says there's "no-spin" on his "Factor"
But maybe he's just a character actor

Stephen Colbert
Is so balanced and fair
He's a comedian too
But his truthiness shines through

Sorry, I got as far as this

Robin Abrahams
Never haws and hems

and was unable to continue. That's godawful.

And don't give me that "but it's pronounced "AY-brems." If so it needs a 2-syllable rhyme. "Hems" isn't even trying.

Kevin Shay
What is they really to say?
How can a 'guest blogger' be expected to shine
when he hasn't added anything to his own blog since April 29?

Kevin Shay
This isn't your day
I think you're doing really well
But these other guys are giving you hell

Sue Simmons
Covers hard news not sports, that's Len Berman's.
She doesn't care for your hemming and hewing
She just wants to know what the fuck you are doing.

I miss New York.

Bil Keane
Lives on, we've seen
While others die.

Kevin Shay
It's for him I pray
With a last name that is so easy to rhyme
Letting him slide would be a crime

(I therfore propose we make a rule that all further entries begin with "Kevin Shay")

Suggested rhyming words can include:

back pay
tooth decay
Mandalay Bay
hardcore gay
et. al.

Cindy McCain
Needed help with her pain
So I would advise her
To be sadder Budweiser

Old John McCain
Used the C word again
And he called her a trollop
His words sure pack a wallop

Steven Hawking
Has a unique style of talking
To his chair he's confined
With the whole universe in his mind

Tim Berners-Lee
Invented HTTP
Thus the world wide web was born
For Nigerian Diplomats and porn

Hey Kevin Shay
What you doing today?
You promised you'd start using your noggin
To serve up some more substantive guest-bloggin'

Hillary Clinton
And I'm only hint'in
For Barak as veep she would shine
Though she's not as divine

Kevin Shay
It's already Thursday
And if such language dare I use
Let's move on from goddamn clerihews

If anybody cares, my Tim Berners-Lee clerihew is currently leading the pack with 48%. I shamelessy invite/implore you to stuff the ballot box:



We really dig yer gig-
Gle inducing Clerihew.
Tim Berners-Lee and his HTTP were good to you!


Congrats, T! Your prize winner inspired my late entry about De Vere/Shakespeare, which at least got a minor mention in the shadow of your greatness.

Shoot! I meant to post the above comment under the later blog entry about the contest finalists, so now I've copied it there. Honest mistake -- please don't hate.

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