June 30, 2008

New Yorker Anti-Caption Contest #151 Results

Being a guest blogger, I'm not sure how to edit the already-posted contest, so I'll just re-post it with the results.



"You know the worst part about this job? I'm allergic to pencils. And they knew it, too, when they hired me. I hate this fucking company." — Tom Meltze


"You wanted 7 million pencils...6 inches long? Shit!" — al in la

"That, 'old bitch receptionist,' is my wife!" — Trotman

Honorable Mentions:

"Ticonderoga? I barely know 'er o ga...............never mind." — djack

"How is it that everyone has heard of Big Oil, but no one has heard of Big Graphite? That's where you come in...." — Kathy H

"Yes, the ad was supposed to say 'Experience with giant pencils a plus.'" Sorry for wasting your time, Mr. Holmes." — andeux

"I'm rather busy, but I might be able to pencil you in." —mypalmike

"That's what SHE said!" — T. A.

“Your job would be to sharpen these pencils. What experience do you have sharpening pencils?” — Deborah

Worst anti-caption (aka best real caption)

"May I borrow a pen?" —MAtt

Sucking up to the guest judge award:

"The Dixon Ticonderogas here are obscene." —kejo

Posted by Harry


Your decision to re-post also enables us to comment on your selections.

Not bad. Not bad. (Loved the "Sucking up to the guest judge award," Harry. You are obviously a very smart and handsome man.)
All in all, I thing I would have gone with al in la as the winner though, but that's just me.

The one I submitted to the New Yorker was

"I need to shut this."

I really thought I had a shot, no pun intended.

oops - was referring to the guy trying to shoot himself cartoon, sorry.

Glenn--Outstanding! That is a great cap for that cartoon.

(This is why the "real" cartoon is a total sham.)

Mine was the best. I will repeat it here: "He's a shitty vice president too."

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