June 23, 2008

Exclusive: Scientologists target Clique Girlz


Hey, Washington Post, those aren't just any anonymous babes!

Here's the CG's recent network TV debut -- an off-key rendition of generic faux-humble contemporary Christian schlock. There are days when I'm genuinely depressed at having jokingly anointed the Clique Girlz as the successors to Huckapoo. What was supposed to be a throwaway joke about my failure as a prophet of pop is now haunting me, as the CGs actually do achieve the megastardom that is rightly Huckapoo's. Where is the justice?!

Posted by Daniel Radosh


All of the Clique Girls look like they were constructed in photoshop.

CGs = CGI?

Tween karaoke rocks!

I don't think those mics were connected to anything... Now is the moment for a Milli Vanilly comeback, they were at least as good pretend singers as these girlz. (yes i know Rob is dead, maybe the two destitute members of destiny's child could fill in)

diana degarmo's version was better

There's a second generation of Degarmos? Good Lord, so to speak.

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