June 19, 2008

Deceptively clean and good natured title here

A couple of months ago in one of our conversations about Christian rock, Jim asked if Paste Magazine "used to have a Christian focus." I replied with the guess that the people who started it "were undoubtably Christian and wanted to cover the music they knew from that world, but never as a genre separate from the other music that they liked."

Today I had the pleasure of meeting one of those people, blogger Will Hinton, who was visiting New York and nicely invited me to join him for a cup of coffee (although given the awesome weather, I went with iced tea). Will is a real mensch, which was already pretty obvious from his blog, but nice to confirm. We recorded a short video interview about Rapture Ready! and cross-cultural dialogue that he'll post soon, but I wanted to suggest that you check out his site now, so it doesn't just look like I'm promoting myself (because I'd never do that).

Will is the kind of person I enjoyed meeting most during my research: a refugee from the religious right, who is thoughtful about his beliefs and respectful of other people's.

Mostly, though, I'm just posting this because I'm getting a lot of traffic from Christianity Today, and I figured I should ease first time visitors into this blog, since for the past week, I've indulged in an unusual amount of off-color language (for which I blame John McCain) and photos of naked women painted like cows (for which I blame, uh, Ben & Jerry's?).

Posted by Daniel Radosh


How many times have we told you? If you are going to invite your little Jesus-loving, bible thumper friends over to the blog, you are going to have to clean up your language (and lose the pink shirt, for Christ's sake).

Now could you get to the bottom of who at Paste thought it was a good idea to plug Scarlet Johansson's album on the last cover?

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