June 13, 2008

Why not Bil Kristol?


Posted by Daniel Radosh


Jeepers, I just had dinner with Tim at the Anchor Bar last month. Come to think of it, he used his spoon rather than celery to get at the blue cheese dressing. And he did take more than his share of the 64-wing bucket we split. There for the grace of God and the Bills go I.

What will we do now that this heroic sentinal for democracy has left us? Thank goodness for old Tim! Without him this country might be a fucked-up mess today! We pray the Fourth Estate produces a replacement fast who safeguards our liberties like lean and mean Tim has done lo these many years, and not some corporate toady, some overfed loyal opposition stuffed suit who lobs colorful softballs at evil while our country is taken over by fascists in a bloodless coup. I mean, I'm just sayin' ...

why not bil o'reilly?

Why not Keith Olbermann?

@therblig, @1000: Because of the alliteration, duh.

but bil-o be a babbling bag of bullshit better buried than buffalo's boy

"Why not Bil Kristol" is alliteration?

I admit to being down on Olbermann lo these last months. He earned my viewership early, his being so historically anti-republican and all. But when he went so far into the tank for Obama as to lose all sense of reason, I dropped him like a stone. We really only do watch those we agree with... Pathetic.

Having said that, the red eyes and choked emotion he showed Friday while trying to cobble together some semblance of tribute, news flash, and retrospective was touching.

Tim was truly impartial (unlike Keith, Billo, and the like), and gave everyone a fair shake while relinquishing absolutely zero slack. An honest man in a dishonest business. I will miss him for his integrity and for the way he so obviously loved what he did. A rich man died Friday.

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