June 12, 2008

It was supposed to come with its own watermelon, but they decided to go for subtle

The Sock Obama. My first guess was that it's just Prussian Blue having some fun with Photoshop, but according to New York Brit, there's an actual Sock Obama company registered to Utah Republican David J. Lawson.


Suddenly Obama's Fight the Smears site looks a little naive, doesn't it?

Update: Functional Ambivalent is the next David Alexrod.

...fully cognizant of how offensive it is to depict black people as monkeys, I think this would be an excellent moment for Barack Obama to make campaign points by reacting with humor. A smiling, slightly derisive photo op would go a long way toward showing that he's not going to go all Stokely Carmichael once he's in office. There are actually people who worry about that, and this would be a nice moment to show a little post-racial humanity.

Also, stop harassing the real estate agent. It's a common name!

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Actually, it looks a bit more like Bush to me. But I suppose if it were a Bush sock monkey it wouldn't rate the attention.
And it wouldn't be sold out.
And it would have a thumb up its ass.
And his eyes would be even more glassy.
And he'd be wearing an, "I [heart] habeas corpus" button.
And and come with a flag target to throw his feces at.

It does look like Bush! But that's already been explored in great detail at:


Man, that's just wrong.

And yet, at the same time, completely adorable.

Good God. Is the button just a standard campaign button, or does it say something else? I can't make it out.

It says, "Michelle's got a big ol' butt."

Got it. That was my first guess.

I think I'm a Sock Obama.

Why not? This site itself has already had a sock Senator Kerry.

Reminds me of the HillBilly Dolls

Even more racist is the logo on the site. Ugh.

agree on the adorableness.

kind of...

sock and awwwwwwww

If this were a Hillary doll would people scream sexism? Poor, poor Hillary.

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