June 11, 2008

¿Cómo se dice WTF?

Inane media self-censorship goes multicultural.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Speaking of odd self-censorship:

In the Times magazine a few weeks ago, there was an article about indie pop musicians, including the guy who performs as Final Fantasy. There was this reference to his last album: "The sleeve of Final Fantasy’s most recent album (the title is at once innocent and vulgar, and can’t be printed here)..."

The album title? "He Poos Clouds."

Poo! You can't say "poo" in the NY Times!

Here's the kicker: On the same page that reference occurs, there's a picture of the CD cover -- and the title is small, but legible. (And, of course, bigger and easier to read when you click on it in the online version of the story.)

Well, if it were me, working for disagreeable wages while disagreeing with my editor's tight-ass approach to censorship, my own brand of protest might include a hearty FU by making sure the associated image did indeed clearly reflect that which my editor told me to censor.

Then I’d call all my friends to make sure they caught my handiwork, the Che Guevara of copyboys. But that’s just me, a bit of a douchebag with very limited respect for authority.

But maybe these folks were just clueless versus harboring the deep seated resentment that I carry with me like a bag of stone and glass.

Can I also just say that the imagery associated with, “He poos clouds” is way cool. It’s tough to put three disassociated words together and come up with such a clear picture.

Speaking of WTF:

The other day a clue in the LA Times crossword was: "'Gee whiz' on the internet" (three letters).

I thinking "Holy shit! WTF has gone mainstream!" (kinda like SNAFU)

The answer, I soon found, was: "OMG" (Short for "Oh My God!")

What kind of word do we live in where it's okay to reference "God" (who may or may not exist) but not "fuck" (which we all know exists)?

(just thought I'd share)

When Gossip Girl ran those OMFG! ads, CNN did a story about the "controversy" -- and of course aired close ups of the ads.

What happens when an ass fucker poos clouds? Sounds heavenly.

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