June 5, 2008

That's why Gawker Media pays the big bucks

Idolator discovers the Clique Girlz. You may have read about them here a few times in the past year.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Gawker sold Idolator to Buzznet in mid-April, btw.

For all of the times Kate insists that what she's learning about the group is creepy or disturbing, those sounded kind of like...um, official bio quotes to me.

(Why is the most disturbing thing about the group the fact that they use their parents' credit cards at Hot Topic? And why do pieces like this always decide so arbitrarily when and when not to get jokes? And why am I wasting my time reading this?)

While it's true that we, your readers, read about them here last year, I'm betting from the timing that that blog entry was spurred by this story from 4 days previous, though judging from the embedded video it's also possible this month-old version played a part.

The short girl that has to be in the middle for photos has a squished head that makes her look like a toad or mayor mccheese. I can tell that despite being each others best friend, the other two are gonna drop this seriously ugly fucking duckling once it becomes clear that she has some kind of growth deficiency. Thats how girlz in cliques are.

@Vance: The CG publicity machine has been in overdrive lately. The Girlz also provide a song for the new Princess Bride computer game. Mark Knopfler must be rolling over in his grave.

I think I saw them sing in Harcore Max's last vomit and pee fest. I believe, true to the gang bang style of modern media money machines, they're getting just a little overexposed... Not that max isn't the perfect vehicle.

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