June 2, 2008

Why not Bil Keane?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Bo Knows guitar histrionics

Mr. Bo was a M-A-N. People want to call him a Chess Records bluesman, or an early Rock 'n Roller, but he was neither. His great original recordings, '55-'60-something, were just that, original. His modal, totally rhythmic approach not only pre-dates James Brown, it goes all the way back to Africa. And his jivey, boastful and so-cool vocals updated jump blues and foreshadowed rap.

What more can you want, what else can you say?

I dont understand "why not bil Keane" Please tell me what means this?

Ironically, Anonymous is the nom de plume of Daniel Radosh.

I dont understand "nom de plume" Please tell me what means this?

The creation and continued development of my long running strip, "The Family Circus" is by no means a viable rationale for wishing its creator dead over another, less derided, creative mind.

OK, unless it's Irma Bombeck. I hate that bitch.

Or Salmon Rushdie. Christ, there's no need to use the WHOLE dictionary.

Bil: It's "Erma Bombeck" and she's been dead since 1996. Are you letting Billy write your posts now?

Irma Bombeck is in heaven with grandma.

therblig: Well sure, ERMA Bombeck is dead. It's that Irma I can't stand.

Q: What does Emba Bombeck have in common with Lance Ito, Yoko Ono and Bobby Orr?

A: They will all live on as long as there are crossword puzzles.

(Can you think of any others?)

Crossword clue:

Actor Wallach: _ _ _


"Joan Jett"

The sport of jai alai. I've been filling it in dutifully in crosswords for more than 30 years and still have no idea how it's played.

Jim, I think you mean "high lie." (It refers to the way people delude themselves while stoned.)

As for crooswords clues: Lets not forget that loveable dump "Shea" Stadium.

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