May 30, 2008

Hillary Clinton immediately insisted that all their delegates be seated

Rare uncontacted tribe photographed in Amazon


Posted by Daniel Radosh


I heard she told them Obama's wife is known to favor bronze axes.

The red-staters outnumber the blue-stater 2 to 1.

It's 2008 and the Red Communists have really retreated. Ronald Reagan would be proud.

I know what sport they're going out for in the Olympics.
Go Amazon Indians!
(Note to amazon.com: I smell a great marketing opportunity!)

Professor Challenger has already armed the black-painted people against the red-painted ones, so things should get sorted out fairly swiftly.

If you have enough Red tribesmen and enough Black tribesmen you could have a human chess game with them.
Funny, for an uncontacted people they have enough knowledge of us to keep us away... with their arrows!

FYI: There was no new tribe discovered. This is just a viral marketing campaign using a screenshot from the upcoming "Age of Empires 4".

Yea, It looks like you can drag a selection box around them.

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