May 29, 2008

Actually, they're pieces of your brain fleeing your head


You know how your camera flash sometimes illuminates particles in the air, causing little dots in the picture?

Well I've just found out from Beliefnet that this isn't photographic backscatter at all... it's evidence of spiritual energy forms called orbs. Apparently this has been a thing in paranormal circles for at least nine years. Maybe the new X-Files film will deal with it. Here's a hilarious site that has given names and personalities to the orbs. According to this, there are different types of orbs that are at war with each other. And we're caught in the middle! It's like Aliens vs. Predator, only smaller and only visible on crappy compact cameras.

[h/t Gina]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I'm mostly interested in the orbs captured at satanic cult meetings, Megadeth concerts, or Santeria animal sacrifice ceremonies. I'd be particulary interested in the names and personalities ascribed to those orbs and whether they're as cute and fanciful as the names of the cemetary angel orbs above.

Beware the soul-stealing orbs seen at used car dealerships!

Being vision impaired,means not knowing whether you're having a good trip or a bad trip.

"Roy, son of Orb": that is funny!

Alien vs. Predatorb ?

I took a photo that manisfested a detailed Hitler Orb(a little square mustache above a crooked sneer/smile not unlike Dick Chaney's) And this was before digital photography.

This phenomenon only shows up on crappy compact cameras because they use anbaric technology.

Sometimes when Radosh does a post on new types of stuff we get new and vociferous commenters, like christians and Hillary Cunton fans. I cant wait for some 1500 word comments from the orb people. Perhaps someone should let them know they are being mocked here, im too lazy.

Some people say science is bad because it built the nuclear bomb. But irradiating children makes a hell of a lot more sense to me than this.

You know how when you cross your eyes you see two of things? It's because by crossing your eyes you actually focus your vision through your third eye and can see into the Other Plane. But of course you're still here so you see here, too. And since they're not exactly the same you see two slightly offset similar images. For higher swamis the two images are very different as they have very active Other dimensional lives (or Second Lifes as they are sometimes called) that are quite different from their normal routine in this world of eating oatmeal and masturbating to back issues of Cat Fancy.

Call 1-600-DOCTORB! The B is for bargain!

D, It's more like spiritual warfare than Alien vs. Predator.

In fact, maybe it IS spiritual warfare!


i'm confused, are the orbs related to the dust from "the golden compass," or are they more like the thetas from "scientology?"

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