May 26, 2008

This might also be the best way to illustrate articles about John McCain

So there's this news story about a 12-year-old girl who's getting a sex change. Her identity hasn't been revealed, so the ever-classy Daily Mail had to find some way to illustrate it.


Yep, that looks authentic. But c'mon, if you're gonna go this route, why not go all the way? [NSFW]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"There are not many hentai shemale paysites around. Most of them suck! Why? Because it's poorly drawn shit by Americans."
America has been going downhill sinse the 1960's.

Oh, come on. We all know you've been looking for an excuse to post that picture for months.

I don't exactly get how that photo is supposed to say "sex change." To me it says "Extremely uptight young lesbians." Don't know if your NSFW link clarifies this, but can't find out here @ W.

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