May 22, 2008

No, the second time is still tragedy

Paul Greengrass is one of my favorite working directors, but I never could bring myself to see United 93. I just don't want to have to live that day again, you know what I mean?

Here's the trailer for Recount, on HBO this weekend. It looks well made, and has a great cast. And yet... I don't think I'll be watching it. Is this just me?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


same here. somehow, watching a fictional movie that I know the ending to is never a problem. I suspect watching Recount will only put my tv screen in harm's way.

100% agree. i watched united 93, but only because it was on and i sort of forced myself to sit through most of it because i had heard it was great. and it was great as a piece of filmmaking, but not something i wanted or needed to see. i suspect i'd feel the same way about "recount". i think there's a valid point of view that for some people these films re-engage them with the stories on some deeper level, but not for me.

also, i spend enough of my life pissed off. why stoke it.

Too soon.

I have the same feeling about Recount. Just too painful, no matter how well done it may be (and perhaps especially if it's well done).

On the other hand, I've seen United 93 twice.

Perhaps the adults don't care to watch it, but if the movie tells the truth then it might be a good way for future generations to learn and understand what happened, since kids would rather watch a movie instead of reading about it in a book or having to pay attention to an adult (who might not even know the actual facts or not).

Our future generations need to understand what happened because they are the ones that can prevent that mess from happening again, plus they'll know what people are talking about, since a majority of people talk about it around elections.

I'm sure Laura Dern is fine, but Katherine Harris should not be played by a biological female.

J.D. if thatís true then Al Gore should not be played by a biological male. Why? Because I donít like him. Now, isnít that sexist?

All the people that have a grudge against Katherine Harris because of the 2000 Presidential Elections need to get over it. She did her job the way she was supposed to and you all are just looking for someone to blame because your favorite candidate didnít win. In case you didnít notice, thereís nothing you can do about it now. George W. Bush won fair and square, get over it.

No, I just think drag queens are fun.

uh... susan... by "did her job the way she was supposed to," I take it you mean her job as Bush's campaign co-chair?

But welcome, it sure is refreshing to have an adult around here to moderate us excitable bloggies.

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