May 19, 2008

That's one way to deal with activist judges

As the US military strives to assure Iraqis that its policy is not to shoot books but only people (whew!), one can't help but wonder if stories like this aren't a little more relevant to the whole "why they hate us" question. It seems that since 2003, Iraqi courts -- you know, the ones the US is supposed to be seeking to legitimize -- have dropped charges against some 3,000 people detained by American forces, and American forces have simply refused to release them from prison.

"The conditions on the ground require us to temporarily derogate from certain rights in order to ultimately lay the groundwork for civil society and the implementation of human rights law," said Maj. Gen. Doug Stone. Ah yes, the old "destroying the village in order to save it" strategy. How'd that work out last time?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Now, now. Don't be hatin on the derogatin

Don't think of it as "destroying the village." Think of it as "moving all the villagers into temporary housing while we build them a new and better village."

"They will welcome us as derogators" - R. Cheney

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