May 13, 2008

Fighting vainly the old ennui

Eleven years ago, Sarah Vowell pleaded with the media not to mark Frank Sinatra's death with the hackneyed My Way (in vain, she noted a year later, when he actually died). Today, as the tenth anniversary of Sinatra's death approaches, Jim Fusilli (yeah, yeah) has a similar critique of the commemorative merchandising.

Although I marked Sinatra's death in my usual hilarious way -- posing in Suck the sarcastic question, What if Frank Sinatra had lived? -- I actually agreed with Vowell, as I do now with Fusilli (must resist...), that too many people simply don't understand Sinatra, as the inevitable repetition tomorrow of My Way, Strangers in the Night, and (ugh) New York, New York will illustrate.

So for what it's worth, here's my tribute playlist. Not necessarily his best or my favorites, but a good selection of what's available through SeeqPod. Take a few minutes out of your busy day to remember, won't you?

SeeqPod - Playable Search

Bonus: Frank and Bing in High Society...

And from the best Sinatra film (as far as musical performances go): The Lady is a Tramp.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


The Summer Wind, my fickle friend.

Crazy bastard.

I will not resist.

I wonder how he's doing? Fusilli, that is- not Sinatra.

(Resistance is Futile!)

Aside, I always liked Dino better, for some reason.

"It Was a Very Good Year"

One of his best -- and by far most depressing!

"Today, as the tenth anniversary of Sinatra's death approaches..."

What exactly does the word "today" add to this sentence? "Tomorrow" will also be a day that approches this anniversary, as will every day until said anniversary.

(Just trying to help)

Oh, you need to add "I've Got You Under My Skin." Live version, 1966, with Count Basie:


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